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Why Do I Have So Many Mushrooms In My Lawn?

Mushroom ring

Why Do I Have So Many Mushrooms In My Lawn?

Why Do I Have So Many Mushrooms In My Lawn? Recently, we have been getting a lot of rain. This has kept the subsurface of the soil very damp. Those damp conditions speed up the decay of dead tree roots, mulched leaves and grass clippings and other woody debris that has found it’s way under the turf. In the picture above, you can see a circle of mushrooms around a section of slightly different turf. This is an area where a tree has been removed and had the stump grounded and sodded over. But that process left the root ball of that tree to decompose in the ground. Molds, fungi and insects feed on the root ball, processing it into rich composted soil over time. And, when conditions are right, like they have been over recent weeks, those fungi will send up fruiting bodies in the form of mushrooms and toadstools. Those mushrooms and toadstools will release spores, which will travel to other areas and create new colonies of fungus. Once they have released their spores, these fruiting bodies quickly decompose and disappear.


What Should I Know About These Mushrooms?

Most of the mushrooms that we see blooming in our yards are harmless to the lawn. The truth is, that they are quite beneficial. Mushrooms are a great indicator that the natural biotic processes that we like to see in a healthy lawn are in place and working hard. These mushrooms are the reproductive parts of a larger fungus that is breaking down organic material in the lawn and turning it into nutrient rich compost and soil. That soil is great for the lawn, as it holds a rich food source for grasses and plants. As with all mushrooms, caution should be taken when handling. Many mushrooms have toxic properties that can cause irritation or illness if handled or ingested. The best course of action with lawn mushrooms is to leave them alone and let them do their job. As I mentioned before, they will quickly disappear.

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