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What Is Tele-Turf?

Tele-Turf is an exciting new service offered here at Green’s Lawncare, and is the future of turf consultation. It gives you 2 options to access a turf expert for a lawn analysis that work around your busy schedule. Time is always at a premium for a homeowner. Time spent with family, time spent on projects and hobbies and time spent enjoying your outdoor oasis. Our Happy Lawn Program and Tele-Turf Program are designed to help limit the time you spend worrying about or working on your lawn. 

What Options Are Available With Tele-Turf

Option 1

The first option, is a 15 minute turf consultation Zoom meeting. You will have access to a lawn expert. They will be able to diagnose many lawn issues right over the internet, using your phones camera capabilities. Your turf expert can then schedule you for advanced treatment applications. They will update your turf specialist for your next visit, And they will advise you on what cultural practices need to change in order to remedy the lawns condition. This will be followed up with emails that detail any conditions found, the root cause and the path to remediation.

Virtual Consultation

Option 2

The second option is an onsite turf consultation. This is up to a 30 minute meeting where you will walk the lawn with a turf expert. Your terf expert will discuss the issues with you one on one. They will gather core soil samples for lab analysis. And they will help you develop a plan to address the lawns issues while providing you with detailed and personalized information. This will all be followed up with email documentation that detail any conditions found, the root cause and the path to remediation.

On Site Consultation

How Do I Set Up A Tele-Turf Consultation?

Setting up a consultation is as easy as calling Green’s Lawncare. Or going online and visiting our website. From there, you will be sent a link that allows you to choose the time and date that best fits your schedule. Once you select your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.

 Setting up a consultation