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Nimblewill: Indianapolis Weed Control



Nimblewill Biology

Nimblewill (Muhlenberg Schreiber) is a warm-season perennial grass found throughout the Midwestern United States. It can often be mistaken for other mat-forming grasses. And it grows well in moist, shady areas. Also, it can found in dry, sunny areas. This grass spreads through short, weak stolons. Nimblewill creates patches in lawns that start off small, but then grow into larger patches.


This invasive forms mat-like patches in lawns as it spreads radially via short, weak stolons. It is usually distinguishable in cool-season lawns from its gray-green, coarse textured leaves. Patches may be observed during the summer months as cool-season lawns are stressed by heat and drought. It is also easily distinguishable as brown, dormant patches during the winter months. It is often confused with bermudagrass. This invasive grass often produces loose, spike-like panicles in late summer to early fall. Seeds on the seedhead will have long, hair-like awns that help further distinguish Nimblewill from bermudagrass.

Controlling Nimblewill

There are nonselective and selective control options available for nimblewill. Usually, stoloniferous, perennial grasses are controlled by spot-treating with  glyphosate (Roundup). For best results, apply when the plants are young and actively growing. However, it is capable of re-establishing through surviving stolons. At least two glyphosate applications are recommended. Three or more may be needed for complete eradication. It is important to allow the weed to regrow before making any follow-up applications. Two new herbicides provide selective control options for nimblewill in cool-season turf. These herbicides are applied at relatively low use rates and homeowners are encouraged to hire lawn care professionals to make applications.

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