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Lawn Care Carmel – #1 Trusted Lawn Care Company

Lawn care Carmel – Your #1 trusted lawn care company

Have you ever searched “lawn care Carmel” and it gave you a whole slew of companies, but you weren’t sure which companies to call?  Better yet, you search “lawn care near me” and you weren’t sure what questions to ask when you make the inquiry for professional lawn services at your house?  When you call around, we want you to ask these questions.

To make this process much easier for you and give you all the answers of why you don’t need to call any other companies.  Here are the main questions we get asked…

My last lawn care company was not reliable.  How do I know you will be different?  

That’s a great question and we welcome them!  It is very unfortunate that our industry has this bad reputation.  Unfortunately, it won’t be going away anytime soon.  However, the unreliable companies typically are not usually around very long.  They don’t know how to run a real company; pay taxes, build a strong leadership team and train team members to deliver high quality results.  We do!  We also drive newer, low mileage trucks so that we don’t have equipment break down.  We have a 150+ page training manual and a multi-week training course before the new tech’s begin their ride along training with our seasoned technicians.  You see we are different.  

Will you kill the weeds in my lawn, the last company couldn’t get it done…

Yes, we certainly can.  In fact, we have a 100% money back iron clad guarantee to let you know that we stand behind our product 100%.  Before we begin, we set proper expectations on how long the turnaround will be based on the information you give us.  Sometimes it takes 2-3 years before you see a huge difference.  However, sometimes due to budget we cannot put customers on the proper plan and it takes even long to see a proper turn around.  Now… getting rid of the weeds is only half of the battle.  Once the weeds are gone you have to get new grass growing and make it healthy and strong.

lawn care, side by side comparison
This is a side by side comparison of a property we take care of in Carmel Indiana.


Finally, what sets you apart from everyone else?

We love this question.  We have a number of things that truly set us apart, however, our best feedback is on the rain gauges we put out at every property we take care of.  I know this sounds simple (and it is) but no one else in the industry does it.  We do it for 2 reasons… We educate our clients on what their role will be in a great looking lawn.  Each lawn needs a certain amount of water based on what time of the year it is.  If mother nature doesn’t supply us that amount of water, we have to supplement with irrigations or sprinklers.  This is one reason we get great reviews on our rain gauges and on Google!  

Looking for to hire the #1 lawn care Carmel company?

Look no further, we can help take your property from where it is to the next level.  Our professional technician’s love what they do and love interacting with our clients.  Please reach out to us at 317-748-3153 or fill out the estimate form online and one of our team members will reach out with a personalized quote for your property.