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Is dyed mulch safe to use?

Dyed Mulch…Is it even safe to use?

This question comes up a handful of times each spring during the mulch installation rush.  We totally understand the concern you have over dyed mulch for the environment and for your family.  Rest assured that we did our research and sourced the best product to use on your property.  When it comes to a pristine Meridian-Kessler, Forest Hills, Canterbury or Meridian-Hill’s home we know you value having the best product possible for a couple reasons.  For one, quality products keeps your home value high.  For two, quality product last longer and the curb appeal will last into the summer/fall.  When you hire the team at Green’s Lawncare to do your mulching installation service this spring, we have tested different vendors’ products and settled on the highest quality.  We do pay a little more for it, but that’s OK in our book.


Is all Mulch made the same?

No.  All much is not made the same.  Depending upon the vendor, each company processes their mulch differently.  Some mulches are pure hardwood, others have old pallets mixed in, some have animal manure and others add compost.  All of these factors go into which is the best.  We know that as a homeowner, you don’t have time to research and ask all these questions of your mulch supplier.  It is our job as professionals in the landscape service industry to provide the best quality service possible.  Quality service includes the use of quality product.


Is Dyed Mulch Safe?

We chose our vendor because the dyed they use is 100% organic and made from vegetables.  The color enhanced mulch is 100% safe to use.  There are a couple of cautionary statements that need to be said.  If you have a concrete driveway, the dyed could stain your driveway.  Therefore, before getting mulch delivered, make sure to put a tarp down on the driveway.  The second word of caution is to wear gloves.  The dyed will stain your hands if it has not yet cured.  Dye typically take 24-48 hours to FULLY cure.  No one knows when the dye was applied to the mulch that you are receiving because so much mulch is made so fast to keep up with demand.  It is best to use these 2 precautions when using dyed mulch.

Dyed Brown Mulch
Green’s Lawncare primarily used dye enhanced mulch


Do Professional use Dyed Mulch?

Absolutely.  We primarily work for residential home owners as opposed to commercial businesses.  Many times businesses will use non-dyed mulch because it is cheaper.  However, the down side is that it will bleach out in the sun and look horrible in 1-2 months.  We only use dyed mulch (Black/Brown/Red) for homeowners because the color will last the entire season.  There are instances when we will use other natural products like cedar mulch, but that is a very 1 off type of job.


What blend of Mulch is the Best?

The best mulch is pure hardwood mulch.  It is the best we can source locally.  The blend we use is about 50% hardwood mulch and 50% compost.  The reason we choose this blend was to help feed the plants at the properties we maintain.  Since our mulch has compost in it, there is no need to add miracle grow or some other type of nutrient to the soil.  The compost has all the nutrients your plants/shrubs will need for the season.  The mulch helps retain moisture to prevent your plants from becoming too thirsty and the compost helps feed them to keep the plants nice and healthy.

Greencylce Compost Pile
Over the course of a couple years, this food waste will breakdown and become very nutrient dense compost.


Looking for a Professional Team to Mulch your property?

Green’s Lawncare services the northside of Indianapolis (Broad Ripple, Meridian-Kessler, Meridian Hills, Forest Hills, Canterbury), Fishers and Westfield.  Our field team is very knowledgeable and highly trained to provide the best product time and time again.  Let us show you why we are such a highly rated lawn care company in Indianapolis.  If you have any questions regarding our mulching services feel free to reach out to us at 317-748-3153 or send us and email to [email protected].  We put a lot of content on our website‘s blog to help answer any questions.  We look forward to someday helping you on your property!