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How Does My Dog Pee Affect My Lawn?

Dog Pee Is Hard On The Lawn!

Many of us have canine c
ompanions that enrich our daily lives. Dogs are a central part of our family. They make bad days better. Dogs protect our homes and families. And dogs bring a huge amount of joy to our daily routines. But dogs pee! As you might suspect, dog pee affects our lawn! What we might not realize is that our dogs can be very hard on our lawns! Traffic wear along fences,  dog pee and waste damage and digging all take a toll on the investment we have made in our lawns health and appearance. While we may not be able to stop all damage from happening, there are some things we can do to limit the stress dogs create on our lawns.

Dog pee on the lawn
Dog pee on the lawn

Dog Pee Damages The Turf

We may never really be able to curb our dogs habit of digging. But we can help alleviate some of the other stresses caused by our furry friends. By scooping up droppings and watering in areas of urination (diluting the urea in the soil), we can reduce unsightly yellow spots caused by too much urea in the lawn. These spots will cause lasting damage that can be costly and time consuming to repair.

Fixing Dog Pee Issue.

Aeration and Overseeding can help repair the damage left by dog waste, a pacing dog, or one who travels a fence line often enough to wear a path thru the turf. By loosening compaction and introducing new life into these areas. As a result, that damage can be reduced and even repaired. New seed will fill in damaged areas. Thus improving the appearance of the lawn. Let us help you get the lawn you have always dreamed of by  requesting an estimate today for Happy Lawn or Aeration and Overseeding.