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4 Grassy Weeds to Look Out For

Weeds scattered throughout your lawn can really ruin curb appeal. While it’s easy to spot most weeds, some can blend right in with your blades, masking themselves as a grassy structure. Unfortunately, these weeds tend to show up in lawns that don’t receive proper fertilization. So, don’t let these four grassy weeds take over your lawn. Instead, call Green’s Lawncare & Property Services.

4 Grassy Weeds to Look Out For

1. Crabgrass

There’s little arguing that crabgrass is one of the most common grassy weeds found in Central Indiana. This weed usually blends in with the rest of the lawn, often going unnoticed by homeowners. Still, this weed does have some telltale signs, one of them being thicker green blades that don’t grow as quickly as the rest of your turf.

2. Ground Ivy

Ground ivy is a perennial problem for homeowners and their lawn care. While it’s pretty hardy in most soils and settings, this grassy weed thrives in lawns with a lot of trees or shade cover. As the name would suggest, this weed grows like an ivy vine, spreading out across your lawn. It has broad leaves and gives off a minty scent.

3. Nutsedge

Like other hard-to-kill weeds, nutsedge, or nutgrass, loves the hot summer sun. It’s very aggressive and has no problem competing with your grass for resources. Thankfully, it is easier to spot than these other grassy weeds. It’s pale green and tends to grow a lot faster than the rest of the turf around it. You can also identify it by the stems that grow in a distinct “V” shape.

4. Thistle

We’ve all stepped on one of these thorny-looking weeds while running barefoot through the yard. That’s because thistle blends in perfectly with the rest of your lawn. Unfortunately, thistle is also one of the toughest weeds to get rid of. It seems that no matter how often treat your lawn or how much you cut the thorny leaves back, it always sprouts again. One of the best solutions is to remove the plant entirely.

Don’t Let Weeds Sprout in Your Lawn

Spring pre-emergent and fertilization are crucial for stopping weeds in their tracks. If you live in Central Indiana and are struggling with weeds every year, then it’s time to call Green’s Lawncare & Property Services. We offer the best lawn care solutions, including fertilization, aeration, and grub control. So, request your estimate today by calling us at (317) 748-3153.