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3 Reasons to Leave the Leaves

As the cold winter air settles in, the last remaining leaves on the trees are falling to the ground, cluttering your lawn. While you might be tempted to clean these up, Green’s Lawncare & Property Services explains why you should just leave the leaves.

3 Reasons to Leave the Leaves

1. Leaves Are Natural Fertilizer

Leaves are a natural fertilizer and an excellent source of nutrition for your lawn. As they decompose, they release essential nutrients into the soil, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These last-minute nutrients sustain the grass and trees throughout the winter. Just one of the best reasons to leave the leaves. 

2. A Layer Helps Insulate the Ground & Tree Roots

A layer of leaves helps insulate the ground from extreme temperatures, moisture loss, and fluctuations. This is especially important during winter months when temperatures can drop below freezing. By providing a layer of insulation, leaves protect tree roots and underground organisms such as worms and beneficial insects.

3. Soil Microorganisms Feed on the Nutrients

Soil microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, and nematodes, play an important role in nutrient cycling. When leaves decompose, they are a source of energy for these microorganisms. As the microorganisms feed, they break down essential compounds into simpler forms that can then be used by your trees and other plants in the area.

Leave the Lawncare to the Pros

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