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3 Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

We have yet to meet a homeowner who doesn’t dream of a lush, green lawn that’s healthy and grub-free. However, we have met plenty who just don’t have the time to keep up with their lawncare. That’s why they all turn to Green’s Lawncare & Property Services. Our new fertilization program is designed with the busy homeowner in mind, and we have just what your lawn needs to thrive this year. So, if you’re looking for expert lawn fertilization, here are three benefits we can guarantee.

3 Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

1. Weed Control

The key to a weedless lawn is pre-emergent care and regular maintenance throughout the year. Our fertilization formula aims at killing those nasty weeds while still supplying your blades with all the minerals and nutrients they need to grow lush and green. Our slow-release formula ensures that your turf is nourished efficiently between each of our visits.

2. Disease Resistance

A perfect lawn starts below the surface and in the soil. If the soil is bad or lacks proper nutrients, then your grass will not grow. Your lawn will also be susceptible to snow mold, brown patch disease, and rust lawn disease. But with the proper fertilization program and schedule, you won’t have to worry about these diseases taking over your lawn. Additionally, your lawn will be more resistant for this season and seasons to come.

3. Less Pest Damage

We all know the trouble homeowners have with grubs and other lawn pests. However, when your lawn is properly cared for and fertilized, it becomes more pest-resistant. Our formula includes a surface-level insecticide that helps kill grubs and deter other pests from eating through the blades in your lawn. Your grass can then grow thick and strong, and you can enjoy countless spring and summer nights in your backyard.

Pick Your Lawncare Program

Green’s Lawncare & Property Services has several different fertilization packages to choose from, each with the end goal of healing your grass and giving you that pristine lawn you’re after. We proudly serve residents throughout northern Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding communities, and we also offer leaf removal, mulching, and aeration. So, request your estimate online or give us a call today at (317) 748-3153.