Green's Lawn Care & Property Services is now Blue Duck Lawn Care. Same team, same owner, same great service.

Fishers Lawn Care Services & Pest Control

Since 2017, Blue Duck Lawn Care has been serving Fishers, Indiana, and nearby areas with our professional lawn fertilization services and other property maintenance. As a family-owned business, we believe in providing first-rate assistance with unparalleled customer service. Request your free estimate today by calling (317) 597-8927.

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Fertilization, Aeration & More Across the Fishers Community

Give yourself more free time to enjoy your outdoor property rather than spending your weekends maintaining it. With our comprehensive services, our professional experts will give you a healthy, green lawn all year long.

lawn fertilization services in Fishers, IN
Lawn Fertilization

With our high-tech measuring system, we can provide detailed fertilizing and weed control for a top-notch lawn.

lawn aeration services in Fishers, IN

Our professional aeration services include overseeding to strengthen your lawn’s root system and replenish the grass plants.

liquid aeration services in Fishers, IN
Liquid Aeration

Our liquid aeration services in Fishers help to break down compacted soil so that your grass can get the air, water, and nutrients it needs.

clay lawn treatment in Fishers, IN
Clay Soil Program

Especially developed for lawns in Hamilton County, this clay soil lawn treatment puts much-needed nutrients back into the soil. No more puddles on your lawn when it rains.

slice seeding service in Fishers, IN
Slice Seeding

If you’ve got a large patch of land that needs grass planted on it, our professional technicians have the right equipment to get it done.

perimeter pest control company in Fishers, IN
Perimeter Pest Control

We offer exterior pest control around your home to keep out ticks, ants, and other annoying pests.

pest control for yard in Fishers, IN
Pest Control

Protect your home against invaders by calling in the good guys (that’s us) to apply pest control solutions. Begone, ants, ticks, spiders, aphids, and all vermin!

mosquito treatment for yard in Fishers, IN
Mosquito Control

We apply a mosquito control spray to places on your property where mosquitos rest. Our one exception is flowering bushes, so we protect the bees and their food sources.

pet safe flea and tick yard treatment in Fishers, IN
Pet Lover’s Program

Our fleas and tick control program helps your family and your pets enjoy your outdoor space.

Holiday Light Installation in Fishers

Have a merry little Christmas when we install beautiful holiday lights customized to your home or business. We install C9 lights on major building lines like eaves and gutter lines, and mini-lights make your trees and bushes look enchanted. We remove the lights for you at the end of the season too.

Why Our Customers Love Us!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer the strongest guarantee in the area. Did we overlook something that needs attention? We will come back out and fix it at no charge.

Employee-First Company

We pay our employees a living wage, far above a typical lawn care company, and we educate our technicians extensively. Our customers verify we’re one of the friendliest and most comprehensive lawn care services around.

Exceptional Communication & Technology

We’re easy to reach and easy to work with. We utilize technology to communicate, so you are never left wondering. And when you call us, we always answer our phone. This helps us to be transparent and keep our cost down.

Truly Locally Owned

Unlike our competitors, we are a locally owned and operated business that is not controlled by private equity. We value the experience that our customers have, and we will not cut corners to make profits.


We automate payments to make it simple.

We close the DAMN gate!

Pets are family, and we won’t forget to shut the gate after service.


Our employees wear professional uniforms and use only professional lawn equipment.

We Train & Then Train Again

Training is in our DNA. We keep our services simple and train often.

Our Reputation

Looking for the best? You found us! We are HIGHLY rated.


We show up when we say we will. Your property will be scheduled for the same day every week. If there are ever any changes, we will inform you.

Request Your Estimate Today

Blue Duck serves customers in northern Indianapolis and surrounding areas like Meridian-Kessler, Avon, Carmel, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Speedway, and Whitestown. Call our office at (317) 597-8927 to request your free estimate today on lawn fertilization services, weed control, holiday lighting, and more. For additional information, please see our FAQ and About pages.

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