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Professional Lawn Care Services & Pest Control in Brownsburg

Do you find yourself drained after a long day at work with no motivation for working on the lawn? Would you like to enjoy a weed-free yard but simply can’t seem to find the time? Then you need the professional lawn care services from Blue Duck Lawn Care. For lawn fertilization services and more, request your free estimate by calling our team today at (317) 268-8769.

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Full-Service Lawn Care Solutions

With our family of specialized lawn care solutions, the team at Blue Duck is ready and waiting to improve the curb appeal of your Brownsburg home. From fertilization and weed control to mosquito spraying and holiday lighting installation, we provide a wide range of lawn and property services that will give you a healthy, thriving lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

lawn fertilization services in Brownsburg, IN
Lawn Fertilization

It’s time to have a lawn that you’ll be proud of. We provide professional lawn fertilization service in Brownsburg, which includes weed control and grub control.

lawn aeration services in Brownsburg, IN

Our mechanical aeration process involves removing small “cores” of soil to allow new seed to reach the soil where it can germinate. Our thorough aeration gives the roots more room to grow and become strong.

liquid aeration services in Brownsburg, IN
Liquid Aeration

A spray alternative method of aeration, liquid aeration is formulated to put tiny holes in your lawn, so it acts like a sponge, soaking up nutrients and water.

clay lawn treatment in Brownsburg, IN
Clay Soil Program

Don’t let clay soil keep you from having a beautiful lawn and garden. Our program is specifically designed to improve Indiana clay.

slice seeding service in Brownsburg, IN
Slice Seeding

Our lawn-sized slice seeding machine revives your lawn by improving seed-to-soil contact.

perimeter pest control company in Brownsburg, IN
Perimeter Pest Control

If you’re looking to avoid expensive and annoying pest infestations, our perimeter pest control service is the most reliable option in Brownsburg.

pest control for yard in Brownsburg, IN
Pest Control

The health and wellbeing of your family is our priority. Our variety of pest control services is designed to protect your yard and your family from insects and bugs, allowing you to enjoy your yard to its fullest.

mosquito treatment for yard in Brownsburg, IN
Mosquito Control

So long, bloodsuckers! Our lawn care mosquito control fights mosquitos so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor spaces.

pet safe flea and tick yard treatment in Brownsburg, IN
Pet Lover’s Program

Nothing annoys a dog more than fleas and ticks, and nothing annoys its owner more than finding fleas and ticks inside the home. And nobody wants Lyme disease. Our flea and tick yard treatment is a powerful preventative against fleas and ticks.

Gorgeous Holiday Lighting

Let your lights shine this Christmas. Our Christmas light installation services in Brownsburg are customized to your home and property’s trees and bushes.

Our services include:

  • Commercial-grade warm-white lights that last a long time. The modern LED bulbs are more cost-effective to run.
  • Custom-cut lights edge your roof ridges, gutter lines, and windows. We also wrap lights around columns.
  • Mini-lights on trees and shrubs.
  • Your choice of two Christmas wreaths.

Why Our Customers Love Us!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer the strongest guarantee in the area. Did we overlook something that needs attention? We will come back out and fix it at no charge.

Employee-First Company

We pay our employees a living wage, far above a typical lawn care company, and we educate our technicians extensively. Our customers verify we’re one of the friendliest and most comprehensive lawn care services around.

Exceptional Communication & Technology

We’re easy to reach and easy to work with. We utilize technology to communicate, so you are never left wondering. And when you call us, we always answer our phone. This helps us to be transparent and keep our cost down.

Truly Locally Owned

Unlike our competitors, we are a locally owned and operated business that is not controlled by private equity. We value the experience that our customers have, and we will not cut corners to make profits.


We automate payments to make it simple.

We close the DAMN gate!

Pets are family, and we won’t forget to shut the gate after service.


Our employees wear professional uniforms and use only professional lawn equipment.

We Train & Then Train Again

Training is in our DNA. We keep our services simple and train often.

Our Reputation

Looking for the best? You found us! We are HIGHLY rated.


We show up when we say we will. Your property will be scheduled for the same day every week. If there are ever any changes, we will inform you.

Choose Blue Duck for Your Brownsburg Home

We offer lawn fertilization services and more with a smile! Contact our friendly Blue Duck office today to request a free estimate by calling (317) 268-8769. We proudly provide lawn care services in the Brownsburg and north Indianapolis area, along with Fishers, Westfield, Broad Ripple, Noblesville, McCordsville, and Zionsville. For more details, please see our FAQ and About page.

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