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Is Liquid Aeration Worth It?

Every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful landscape area around their yard. Yet, nobody talks about how hard maintaining a healthy yard is, especially if you do not have the resources and the knowledge to begin with.

We all know that soil is the base of the landscape areas around our yard. However, sustaining the health of our soil up to the point of it being able to produce healthy grass, plants, and vegetables is a whole other thing. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to assure that the soils around our homes are in tip-top shape. One of which is the process we call “liquid aeration”.


What is Liquid Aeration?

Liquid aeration is an organic soil treatment that aerates the soil around your home with the use of a liquid solution. It relieves the effect of compaction, increases the uptake of nutrients in the soil, and promotes healthier plant growth while providing a boost of energy to the plants.

The process of liquid aeration involves mixing the product with water and evenly spraying it across your yard or landscape using any material you deem comfortable. It must be spread evenly to assure that your soil is getting enough nutrients from the product. The mixture of minerals, nutrients, humic acids, and certain microbes all work together to enrich your soil.

Like all things, converting your soil does take time. It does not get healthy right away, especially if the soil itself is really lacking in terms of nutrients or in some cases, stubborn soil.

It takes about a month or two, specifically about 45 – 60 days for the product to actually make a difference in your yard soil. You also have to constantly take care of it by watering it and feeding your soil with the essential nutrients to continuously enrich it.

Patience truly is a virtue if you want your soil to thrive and be in its best shape.


Is Liquid Aeration Worth It?

Now that you know what liquid is, the question that you might be asking is liquid aeration worth it.

For starters, liquid aeration is a really simple and easy process that only involves two steps; mixing the product and spraying it evenly across your yard. The whole point of liquid aeration is that it is meant to be an alternative way to traditional core aeration. However, just because it is easier and a cheaper ‘shortcut’ to the traditional way, does not mean it is good.

Studies suggest that the products used in liquid aeration are not actually that effective in breaking down hard soil to mitigate compaction. However, some experts believe that homeowners should not rely on liquid aeration as the answer to their soil problems, but rather use it as a helping hand with other measures to assure that their soil will be in top shape.

So, to answer the question is liquid aeration worth it? The answer is yes but with limitations. We, as homeowners, should also be mindful of the overall health of our soil and not totally be dependent on one thing.

Liquid Aeration

Core Aeration VS Liquid Aeration

Core aeration and liquid aeration are the two primary aeration techniques. For many years, core aeration was the preferred method, but the emergence of liquid aeration has demonstrated the many benefits of the modern approach.

A spike aerator or a plug aerator is used to do core aeration, often known as manual aeration. No matter what machine is employed, its goal is to aerate the soil and remove thatch.

In general, plug aerators are more efficient, but they leave unattractive dirt cores on the lawn. Many people think that these dirt cores are like goose droppings, and it can take weeks for them to decompose.

Liquid aerators have proven to be superior to core aeration. Its effects last longer, and it doesn’t leave behind ugly cores on the lawn. However, that doesn’t mean that manual aeration methods don’t have their place. In some instances, it may be beneficial to use both methods at the same time.

On the other hand, liquid aeration doesn’t require boring holes in the lawn and is still effective. With this technique, the grass is treated with an organic chemical mixture. It starts to work, dissolving the thatch covering and enabling the roots of the grass to breathe.

Core aeration has been shown to be inferior to liquid aerators. It doesn’t leave behind unsightly cores on the lawn, and its effects endure longer. Manual aeration techniques still have a place, despite this. Utilizing both strategies together could be advantageous in some circumstances.

Benefits of Liquid Aeration

Although physical aeration might be beneficial for your lawn, liquid aeration is without a doubt a better choice. Compared to manual aeration, it has numerous clear benefits:

Effects Last Longer

Most homeowners believe that an ideal lawn care treatment can be achieved through liquid aeration. It stood the test of time and can last for months.

Much Easier to Apply Than Manual Aeration

The traditional method takes a longer time to apply in comparison to liquid lawn aeration.

Covers a Wider Surface Area

Manual aeration requires numerous passes to make sure that the product is evenly distributed. With liquid aeration, it is easier to cover the largest of lawns in the shortest amount of time.

Eco-friendly Solution

The blend of compost and humic acids is all-natural and organic. This means that it’s safe for the environment and can be applied to a lawn without harming the natural ecosystem.


Tips and Tricks in Liquid Aeration

 Here are some tips and tricks for making sure that your liquid aeration will turn out successful!

  1. Avoid watering your lawns for at least twenty-four hours before and after the application of the product to ensure proper uptake of the solution.
  2. Be patient. Don’t pressure your lawn to immediately change color or be healthy right away. Apply the product as necessary, and soon enough, your soil will change for the better.
  3. Make sure that you store the product in a cool, dry place, with no direct exposure to the sun.
  4. Use a different sprayer when applying the product to your yard or soil. This is to ensure that your lawn liquid aerator product will not be contaminated with weed killers or pesticides that might further harm your yard.

Liquid aeration has its pros and cons, but, no one can deny the comfort and ease it gives to busy homeowners like yourself. Liquid aeration is worth the risk and we suggest trying it on your soils and lawns. Contact us today for your lawn aeration needs