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Weed Control & Fertilization: Broad Leaved Plantain

What you need to know about Broad-Leaved Plantain:

Broad-leaved Plantain is a perennial broad leaf weed that is very common in our area (Indianapolis, Fishers, Westfield, Carmel, Noblesville).  If you look at a lawn that has bare spots, you will often see Plantain growing in those spots.  It really likes when the ground has been disturbed.  So if you try to grow grass in the spring (the worst time), often times, you will grow Broad-Leaved Plantain instead since you disturbed the soil.  However, with a proper weed control and fertilization program, you can get rid of this weed.  Continue on to learn more and cultural practices to keep it away.

Broad-Leaved Plantain in grassy area
Broad-Leaved Plantain in grassy area

Where Broad-Leaved Plantain is found:

Without proper weed control, Broad-Leaved Plantain can be found all throughout the midwest.  Especially in Central Indiana we see it a lot.  It is found more often in grassy areas than anywhere else.  But, it can be found in landscape beds, side of roads, industrial areas, and cracks in pavement or concrete.  It is a weed that is easily controllable with the correct professional lawn care program.

Growing Season for Broad-Leaved Plantain:

The weed itself has a long growing season if it is not addressed.  It can grow from early spring through fall time.  At some point in the season, there will be multiple long cylindrical stalks that grow up and flower.  Usually the flower is purple other times it’s a whitish green color.  Even if you mow over the weed, it will not kill it.  You will only cut off the tall stalks.  You will need proper weed control and fertilization to help control this weed.

Weed Control for Broad-Leaved Plantain:

There are 2 main ways to get rid of this weed.  The first option would be to pull it by hand.  If you are going down this route, we suggest that you get the soil moist first.  The reason that is important is so you can more easily pull out the root system.  It has a very tough root and you need to get the entirety of it to keep it from growing back.  The second option would be to put a weed control treatment on the weed itself and kill it.  If you chose this option, you will want to make sure you read and follow the label of the product you purchase.  Make sure the product is a selective herbicide and does not affect the grass.  We recommend using a product that contains 2, 4D as the main active ingredient.  2, 4D has been show to be a great chemical in broad leaf weed control.

The BEST way to control weeds of any kind (which includes Broad-Leaved Plantain) is to aerate and overseed yearly until you get a really thick lawn and have a well throughout and designed weed control and fertilization program in place.  Once you have a really thick lawn, you will want to aerate and overseed every 2-3 years to replace the dying grass with new seed.

Need some help with Weed Control & Fertilization?

If you need any help with fertilization and weed control, feel free to give our office a call at 317-748-3153.  We service Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, Meridian Kessler, Westfield and Fishers.  We know sometimes it is best to bring in the professionals to take care of the dirty work.  If you wish do request a free estimate via our website, click here.  If you are looking for another great source, we recommend the Purdue Turf Science Program.