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Turf Nutrition: How Our Program Addresses It.

How Turf Nutrition Works.


Healthy Turf
Turf grasses require at least 16 different nutrients for growth and development. Just like our own nutrition, these nutrients are part of essential growth and development processes. And just like our own nutrition, they are needed at just the right amount. A deficiency of any of these nutrients can cause developmental issues and health concerns. Turf nutrition is the most important part of any lawncare program.

The majority of turf nutrition is found in nine elements. Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Sulfur. When these nutrients are readily available in the right forms and concentrations, the result is a thick healthy lawn. The side effect is a reduced need for chemical weed control and disease management.

We will discuss five of these nutrients and the role they play in the health of the lawn. Nitrogen is probably the most important. It promotes growth, and is essential in the production of chlorophyll. Phosphorus promotes root development and stem growth. It also affects the rate of seedling development and maturity. Potassium is a key nutrient used in the production of protein, sugar and starches inside the plant. It helps to control drought tolerance, cold hardiness and disease resistance. Iron and Magnesium are both essential nutrients for the photosynthesis process, or how the plant feeds. They play a direct role in giving turf the dark green coloration that is desired.

How do we address Turf Nutrition?

We use specially formulated fertilizers during every round. They are formulated specifically to meet the needs of the lawn at the right time. During rounds 3-5, we utilize Armament technology. This is the time when the turf is feeding heavily to produce top growth and expansion. This technology increases nutrient uptake. It also stabilizes nutrient availability. It does this by unlocking tied up nutrients in the soil and turning them into usable nutrition. Armament contains a high number of negatively charged ions. These negative ions bond with the positive ions in the nutrient, preventing them from bonding or interacting with other elements in the soil. This is a huge boost to the turf nutrition! The result is a turf that is more naturally resistant to disease and weed pressure. The lawn is naturally healthier and thicker, which equates to a much  better looking lawn.

Turf Nutrition in the Winter.

Cool season grasses start to go dormant at temperatures below 50 degrees(F). But this does not mean that the nutritional needs of the turf stop completely. We utilize a special All Mineral fertilizer during round 6 of our program that meets these needs. By delivering a time released stockpile of nutrients, we feed the turf all winter long. With elements such as Nitrogen, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron, we address the major needs of the turf nutrition. This gives the lawn a head start in the spring when it comes out of dormancy, because it already has a store of essential nutrients. This means a lawn that greens up earlier and is growing faster than one not winterized.