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Top 5 Common Causes of Grass Issues

Grass is a beautiful addition to any landscape, but it can be frustrating when it starts to exhibit problems. These problems can be anything from brown patches to bare spots. You might also experience more weeds, in which case, you need a team like Green’s Lawncare & Property Services for experienced lawn care. Let’s look at the five most common causes of grass issues and how to fix them.

Our Top 5 Common Causes of Grass Issues

1. Overwatering

Lawn grass typically requires one inch of water per week. This can come from rainfall or irrigation. Many grass issues are actually caused by overwatering. The first sign of overwatering is usually grass that is yellow and wilted. If you continue to overwater, the grass will begin to die and turn brown. 

2. Too Much Shade

Grass needs sunlight to grow, and if it doesn’t get enough, it will start to thin out and die. There are a few causes of too much shade: trees, buildings, and even other plants. If you have thinning or dying grass, look around and see if anything is blocking the sun. If so, you may need to trim some branches or do some rearranging.

3. Pet Damage

Whether it’s from dogs digging holes or cats using the grass as a litter box, pet damage can take a serious toll on your lawn. So, make sure that your pets have a designated area to potty, play, and exercise. This will help keep them from damaging other parts of your yard. Also, be sure to clean up any waste promptly. Pet waste can contain harmful bacteria that can kill grass, so it’s important to remove it as soon as possible. 

4. Diseases & Grubs

Diseases can be caused by fungi, bacteria, or even viruses, and they can often spread quickly through a lawn if not treated promptly. Grubs, on the other hand, are the larval stage of certain beetles, and they feed on grass roots, causing the grass to die. Both of these problems can be difficult to solve, but luckily there are many ways our fertilization and lawn care can help you get your lawn back to its former glory.

5. Compact Soil

When soil is compacted, it doesn’t have the same ability to hold water and nutrients. As a result, grass may become yellow or brown and start to thin out. In addition, compacted soil can make it difficult for grass roots to penetrate the ground, leading to drainage problems. The best way to reduce soil compaction is through aeration or even liquid aeration.

Restore Your Lawn From Damage

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