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Professional Snow Removal Service Indianapolis

Looking for a Professional Snow Removal and Ice Management Service?

The seasons are changing and it brings forth our winter season services. Our snow removal service is a major part of our operations and we also do Holiday Lights.  We service both residential and commercial clients in the Indianapolis and surrounding area markets.  It is important to remember that getting on a companies radar early is key to having reliable snow removal service.  Many time smaller companies will get really overbooked and overwhelmed by last minute requests and we do not want that to be your case.  With early planning we can optimize each crews route for maximum efficiency.  What goes into a professional snow removal service?

Snow Removal Service
Snow Service clearing snow to make sure businesses can stay open during storm.

5 question to ask your snow removal service prior to hiring them:

How do you track the snow removal service?

We use 3 methods and cross check each before we send out invoices.  The first is keeping paper records in the truck for manual accounting.  We also have a software program that routes the crews and records each time your property has been plowed/salted/shoveled.  Finally, we also have GPS on all of our equipment.  We build GeoCircles around your facility and we track each time a piece of equipment enters and exits the geofence.  Soon we’ll be adding dual facing cameras that will record video.

How often do you invoice for the snow removal service?

We invoice each storm individually within 48 hours of the snow fall ending.  We do this so the previous snowfall is fresh in everyone’s mind.  Sometimes it does not snow but we need to salt the parking lot due to slip and fall mitigation when the temperatures drop below freezing.

How new is the equipment?

This is particularly important because you need peace of mind that your property will be cleared in a timely manner.  If you’re hiring an outfit with older equipment, chances are high you will experience breakdown and your property will not be cleared before employees and guests arrive at your facility.  Having newer and well maintained equipment is paramount to having a well run snow removal service.

What type of salt do you use?

We use 2 different types of salt on properties.  You see rock salt is corrosive to concrete, but it is a cheap alternative to calcium chloride.  So we use Rock Salt on asphalt parking lots, but apply calcium chloride to sidewalks since they are typically concrete.  We want to protect the ground surface as best as possible while also making sure everyone is safe when traversing the pavement and sidewalks.

Why should we hire your snow removal service?

 It is important to hire a team with experience.  We track storms with professional weather services specifically for snow professionals so we can stay ahead of the storm, never wanting to get “caught with our pants down”.  By staying informed so we can plan and mobilize our crews in a timely manner.  We also pre-salt parking lots to provide the best possible service and this can only occur if we plan ahead.  We also have someone in the office the duration of the snow monitoring crews and the radar.  They play quarterback to our teams in the field and monitor salt inventory levels.  Snow is a very tough service and takes a lot of pre-planning to make sure everyone is safe and completes their jobs in a timely manner to make sure your facility is always open.

Looking for a service provider?

It is our goal to provide excellent service to our clients.  More importantly we must be safe and provide a safe environment for your employees and customers.  We are committed to providing the best training and education.  We are members of SIMA our association body.. If you are in need of a professional and experienced team for your snow removal service please reach out by calling 317-748-3153 or submitting a request online.