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Mosquito Control, how to get rid of them with BEST RESULTS.

Are you ready for EFFECTIVE Mosquito Control at your home?

Look, we ALL HATE MOSQUITOES… and mosquito control is a popular defense against them.  However, we understand that they are a vital part of our ecosystem.  They play an important role along with the pollinators in our area.  There is a health balance between protecting the pollinators and ridding our backyard patio from mosquitoes so that we can enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  The great environmental stewards at Green’s Lawncare & Property Services do not want to kill the bees or the butterflies and they help produce the food that we eat.

We take a multi step approach to eliminating these pesky Mosquito’s from your property. Now we will never be able to get rid of them 100%, that’s just not setting proper expectations. However, we do want to control them so you can enjoy the outdoors.

Examples of Green’s Lawncare’s approach of effective Mosquito Control.

Effective Pest Control (Mosquito Control) needs to be a muli-pronged approach as you can see below.  In this instance, we start at the top of the pyramid and move our way down for residential properties.  For example, we will use a pesticide to gain immediate results, however, over time we want to rely less and less on it so we have minimal environmental detriments.  We do cultural means by eliminating possible mosquito breeding grounds (checking for clogged gutters, spillings out standing water).  We can recommend physical deterrents like regrading your property to eliminate areas of standing water.

Mosquito Control: IPM

Mosquito Control: How it is effectively done at Green’s Lawncare

  1. We fog tree’s, shrubs, etc.  anything that could harbor the mosquitos.  However, we are not going to fog anything in bloom or vegetable gardens.
  2. We are going to check your gutters to make sure they are not clogged as clogged gutters are a safe haven for mosquito breeding grounds.
  3. We are going to walk the property and recommend you spill out anything that has standing water.  Birdbaths, old tires, trays that house planters, etc.
  4. We will apply larvicides to any standing water that cannot be spilled out or is not a bird bath.  Although the larvicide is completely safe for animals, we don’t want to take any chances.
  5. Lastly, we have natural solutions that trap mosquitoes for effective natural defense.

Mosquito Control: In Conclusion

You see, we understand Mosquitoes and it takes a multi-pronged approach.  We can control and eliminate the mosquito problem on your property.  If you are looking for the best team near you that can take care of your mosquito problems, give us a call at 317-748-3153 or visit us online at Mosquitoes Indy.