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LawnPride vs Green’s Lawncare

LawnPride vs. Green's Lawncare

When searching for a lawn care provider and looking to make a decision between either LawnPride or Green’s Lawncare, just know that you are in good hands either way.  LawnPride is a good company, they do solid work and have a nice team.  To be honest, we trusted them to service our properties prior to Green’s Lawncare starting the service for ourselves and bringing it inhouse.

The goal of this blog is 100% educational and means no harm to either company.  Just purely a means to help you, the consumer, make an educated decision for your property.

A little about LawnPride:

LawnPride has been serving Central Indiana for over 30 years.  They used to provide many services until they narrowed it down to focus solely on Fertilization and Pest Control.  They have evolved as many businesses do over the years to adapt to what they are best at.  You probably know them best from their bright orange Mercedes vans that drive around and have a great caption on the back that says “We’ve got an app for that!”

With LawnPride you will speak with a sales rep that will answer any questions you may have and set you up on a 7 or 8 step fertilization program.  If you ask, they will customize your program and do partial programs for clients wishing to receive less treatments.  For instance, they only wish to get rid of the dandelions and need 1-2 treatments.  They are able to assist those clients.  They also provide Aeration & Overseeding, Fungicide treatments and have a Tree & Shrub Program.

They can also get you set up with a variety of pest control services.  Those being Mosquito Control, Perimeter Pest Program, Grub Control, Mole & Vole Control and finally their Flea and Tick Program.  All very effective.

One nice thing is they have a client portal for bill pay, to see your invoice and they allow multiple options for payment.  One negative, we’ve heard, is they will call you every 4-6 weeks to try and upsell you something that you are not signed up for currently which is fairly normal in our industry and they are no longer a local company.  They sold to another entity with the goal to franchise their model across the country, similar to how Weedman, LawnDoctor, Spring Green or any of the other national franchise companies.  Other than that they are a solid company with a good reputation.

We know LawnPride is a good company, but we set out to be different.  While the core of Green’s Lawncare services are similar, we felt there was room for improvement for many segments of the market.  Our goal is to service clients that want a full package and a beautiful lawn to make memories in.  That is the main reason we do not offer partial packages.

A little about Green’s Lawncare:

Green’s Lawncare started in 2017 and in 6 short seasons (at the time of this post), we have radically changed and evolved.  We started by mainly focusing on lawn maintenance, similar to LawnPride.  However, we quickly realized we couldn’t provide amazing career opportunities with the low margins in maintenance services.  We wanted to make sure our team and their families were taken care of, so we switched our focus to Fertilization & Weed Control, Pest Control and Christmas Lights.  These services not only stand up to recessions better, are essential services, but they also provide the margin needed to focus on our company culture and provide meaningful benefits and great living wages to all of our team members.  To pull this off, our owner Matt Green, found a top talent Operations Manager to lead the chemical division and build out all the necessary infrastructure/training and development to bring a top notch service to the Central Indiana market.

With our combined years of experience at Green’s Lawncare, we decided to make it super easy when you call in and speak with one of our turf experts about your lawn issues.  We have 3 packages to choose from instead of a customizable service offering.  Our turf experts know what needs to happen on your lawn to make it something with which you can be proud.  Our signature packages are Happy Lawn, Happy Lawn PLUS and Happy Lawn PRO for fertilization and weed control.  Along with our core packages, Green’s Lawncare also provides Aeration & Overseeding, Liquid Aeration and Clay Soil Treatments.  At the time of this blog post (2022) we do not offer Tree & Shrub.

For Pest Control, Green’s Lawncare provides expert Mosquito Control, Perimeter Pest Control and a Pet Lover Program.  Grub control is included in our packages and cannot be purchased separately.  We will be adding rodent control and termite control soon.

Here’s what makes Green’s Lawncare different.

Not only have you probably seen our Corvette Yellow trucks/vans driving around and our amazing mascot Mr. Quakers (our big blue duck!), there are many things that separate us from our competitors…

  • Our per application price may be slightly higher, but we also do less applications than many of the lawn care companies in our area.  We prefer to only do 6 applications spread throughout the season with amazing results.  
  • We use quality products intended to fight those tough to control weeds like Wild Violets and Ground Ivy.  
  • We apply 2 rounds of pre/post-emergent in the spring.
  • We knock on every single door we service.  Our technicians are trained to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through the process.  The Green’s Lawncare difference is customer service and education.  
  • We spend a lot of time on content creation to help keep you informed on what we are doing each round and how it will impact your lawn.  
  • We pass out rain gauges to all of our clients during round 3 when the spring rains stop and you have to start watering your lawn.  
  • We have a client portal to view invoices and also use EZ-Pay for all clients to streamline our process and make one less thing for you to worry about.
  • We are locally owned and operated, not a franchise system.

You see, we are on your side. 

Yes, we do have to turn a profit, but the real gem in our eyes is making your outdoor space more livable and a place to celebrate and spend quality time.  Making memories that will last a lifetime with your family and friends is what drives us to do amazing work.  We do that by pouring into not only our clients, but also our team members.  When they love their work and are highly trained, they will provide you with a much better product.

With all that being said, both companies are excellent choices.  We are in the business of helping families make more lasting outdoor memories.  Can we help put a smile on your house next?

If you are looking for expert lawn care in Central Indianapolis and many of the surrounding suburbs, we would love to have a conversation with you.  One of our friendly turf experts can help you navigate the issues you are seeing in your lawn and explain how we can make improvements along with setting proper expectations on timelines.  If you are interested, give us a call at 317-748-3153 or visit us online at