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“Lawncare Near Me.” What To Look For In Lawncare.

“Lawncare Near Me.” What To Look For In Lawncare.

Healthy Lawn
It is that time of year again, where we begin to think about warm weather, sunshine and green lawns and landscapes. Like many people, you may be considering your plans for keeping up a healthy lawn. And just like many savvy consumers, you will head to the internet and search “Lawncare Near Me”. That is most likely how you came upon this article. We at Green’s LCPS would  love to help you make an informed decision as you are shopping around for a lawncare professional with some advice on what to look for. 


Proper care of the turf takes time. Time that you as the homeowner could be spending with family, working on other projects or catching up on some much needed relaxation!
Our Turf Specialists are trained to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each treatment thru the use of specialized products, practices and equipment. They may make the job look easy, but there is more to it than you might expect!


Lawn care products and equipment can be costly, take up needed space and require more maintenance than you would expect. It is often more cost effective to hire a professional who has the equipment needed to produce high quality results! Our Turf Specialists carry a wide variety of application equipment, and keep them in top notch condition! They show up to each property armed with high quality, industry advanced products aimed at doing the best job at just the right time.


This is what it is really all about. Getting the healthiest, best looking lawn possible. Our Licensed Turf Specialists are trained with the latest scientific knowledge and techniques needed to produce top notch results in your lawn. They will be able to diagnose at a glance, most issues in your lawn and determine an immediate course of action to reduce impact and maximize results. Coupled with proper watering and mowing practices, the application your Turf Specialist applies will keep your lawn thick, healthy and beautiful all season long!  


Safety is always a top priority for our Turf Specialists! With any product, there is a question of safety. Lawn chemicals are no different. Some can have mild safety issues when used or stored improperly. Our Turf Specialists are constantly on the lookout for safety hazards. And have the knowledge and equipment to use these chemical products in a safe, responsible manner that protects you and your family, themselves and the environment. 

Do you know what proper PPE looks like? And do you have it?


Flexibility- The ability to work with you to meet your needs and your busy schedule!

Response- The proper response in a timely manner ensures your peace of mind as well as the health of your lawn.

Expertise- Industry leading technology and training. This allows our Specialist to deliver the best possible results in the safest, most efficient manner.

Services- Providing exactly what the lawn needs, when it needs it. And with the advice you need to maximize your investment.

Value- Providing you with top notch care, expert advice and an industry leading level of quality. All at a price that won’t drain your wallet!

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