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How to Tell If Your Lawn Is Heat-Stressed

By the end of summer, your lawn has taken a beating. Not only has it been scorched by the sun, but it’s also held up to all the additional foot traffic of backyard barbeques. Even your flower bed might look a little worn out and heat-stressed. So, Green’s Lawncare & Property Services is here with all your fall lawn care and landscaping needs. Here are some signs it’s time to call us and the benefits of doing so.

How to Tell if Your Lawn is Heat-Stressed

The Grass Has Stopped Growing

A lack of growth could be due to a number of things, such as pests, diseases, or even being heat-stressed. So, it’s important to identify the cause of the problem before you can start to fix it. Once you know what’s causing the lack of growth, you can take steps to correct it. This might include watering more often, using fertilizer, or treating pests and diseases. Thankfully, our professionals can handle it all for you, getting your lawn back on track before winter.

Leaves Are Falling Prematurely

Leaves falling prematurely is one of the most common signs that a landscape is heat-stressed. If you’re seeing this sign, it’s important to take steps to cool down your landscape using water, shade, and mulch. Watering more often and adding shade trees can help to keep your landscape healthy and looking its best. You may also need to investigate any possible pests or diseases that have sprung up during the summer months.

More Weeds Are Popping Up

Weeds are another common sign that a landscape is heat-stressed. This is because the high temperatures can cause weeds to germinate and grow more quickly. So, if you’re seeing more weeds popping up in your garden, it’s likely that your landscape is struggling in the heat. To combat this, Green’s Lawncare & Property Services will use our highly-recommended fertilizer formula and aerate your lawn so it can breathe. The more nutrients and airflow, the less likely weeds are to take over.

We Help You Recover from Summer

When you look out into the backyard and hate what you see, call Green’s Lawncare & Property Services. We proudly serve residents throughout Indianapolis, Indiana, and the surrounding areas by fertilizing and aerating heat-stressed lawns to make them look their best. Give your lawn the boost it needs to recover from summer by requesting your estimate today at (317) 748-3153.