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How Does Fertilizer Kill Weeds?

Maintaining a beautiful landscape around your home takes a lot of work. So, it can be somewhat discouraging when you find a weed or two sprouting up from a well-kept yard. You might start to look for DIY solutions, but the best thing you can do to get rid of weeds is to call Green’s Lawncare & Property Services. Our fertilizer program stops weeds while feeding and nourishing your grass. But how does it all work? Well, keep reading to find out.

Ways Fertilizer Kills Weeds

Fertilizer Makes the Soil Less Appealing to Weeds

We know that nitrogen-rich soil promotes a healthy, green landscape. That’s because grass and other plants feed off this mineral, using it to grow strong, vibrant, and resistant to disease. Coincidentally, many weed species don’t like nitrogen in the soil. So, when your dirt lacks proper nutrient levels, weeds will grow. Therefore, a nitrogen-rich fertilizer program will simultaneously kill weeds and promote a healthy lawn.

Fertilizer Encourages Thick Grass Growth

When your lawn is well-cared for, it grows thick and lush. By supporting the root system with the proper fertilizer program, you give your grass everything it needs to spread and grow. Fertilizer also encourages grass blades to grow faster, which means even new seedlings sprout and multiply. With a thick grass carpet, weeds struggle to root and take hold. Well-nourished lawns have no problem choking weed seedlings the moment they start to sprout. 

Fertilizer Promotes Spring Pop-Up

If you notice that your lawn struggles to bounce back after the winter, you likely won’t have the proper fertilizer program in place. Fertilizing in the fall gives your yard enough time to soak up all the nutrients it needs to survive the winter. Those nutrients are then stored until springtime and are released once the weather beings to warm. So not only are you left with a lawn that’s ready for spring, but you can also fill in any bare spots and beat weed growth with a spring fertilizer application. 

Is Your Lawn Ready for Spring?

Don’t wait! Getting your lawn ready for spring can start right now. All you have to do is call Green’s Lawncare & Property Services about our unique fertilizer program. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to handling any of your tough lawn problems. We even offer grub control treatments, aeration, and mulching– all the things you need for a beautiful lawn this spring. We proudly serve residents throughout Central Indiana, so give us a call today at (317) 748-3153.