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Frequently Asked Questions About Lawncare

How Do You Measure My Lawn?

We use recent satellite imagery along with proprietary software to get the most accurate measurements of your turf and home. This gives us a very accurate measurement to base your quote on. 

Do I Need To Be Home During My Application?

It is always great when we get the opportunity to visit with our customers! But you do not have to be home in order for us to treat your property. As long as the gate is unlocked, pets are inside and the lawn is free of any obstructions (kid and pet toys), we can treat your lawn. You will always be notified the day before we come out, and will get an email when the treatment is completed.

My Lawn Is Bordered By Vacant or HOA Property. Can You Spray The Weeds On Adjacent Property?

The short answer to this is a hard no. Without the owner signing up for service, we cannot treat these properties. It would be considered trespassing, and would violate State and Federal Chemical Application Laws.

Why Do I Need Grub Control?

Grubs feed on the roots of the lawn, which can cause significant damage. They also evolve into beetles that feed on your trees and landscape plants, causing more damage and potential loss of those plants. Our Grub Control will help reduce the risk of damage to the lawn and landscape.

Why Does The Technician Knock On My Door Every Time The Come To Treat.

It is just respectful to announce yourself when working on a customers property. But it can also be a safety concern. We are there to apply products that are meant to be handled by professionals, and limiting exposure to customers is essential. Also, many of our customers have dogs, which can pose a hazard to the Specialist who doesn’t announce themself. It is also a great way to share information with your customer and answer any questions.

Do You Treat My Mulch Beds Or Wooded Areas For Weeds?

No. As a licensed applicator, we are required by law to follow the label on all products. Nearly every product we apply is specifically labeled for turf. This means we can only apply to the lawn. We do offer a bed maintenance program, that will handle your weed issues in your mulch beds.
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I Have Unwanted Grasses In My Lawn. Will Treatment Help?

In most cases, unwanted cool or warm season grasses require specialized treatment to remove from the lawn. Your routine lawncare application will not get rid of these grasses. Our pre-emergent application in the spring only helps to prevent annual grasses like crabgrass and foxtail.

Can You Treat My Trees And Shrubs?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service at this time. We do plan to expand our services in the future to include Tree and Shrub Health Programs. We will keep you posted!

Does Weed Control Prevent New Weeds From Coming Up In My Lawn?

This is a complex question. The basic answer is no, weed control is a topical product that only affects weeds that are in the lawn at the time of treatment. The complex answer is that over time, weed control can reduce the number of weeds in your lawn by eliminating them before they produce seeds. With less seeds in the lawn to germinate into new weeds, the fewer weeds you will see each year.  
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How Long Does It Take To See Results From Lawncare Applications?

Results can vary based on each product and the weather conditions after application. In warmer weather, weed control will start to display its effect in about seven days. In cooler weather, it can take as long as 21 days to see those same results. With fertilizer, it depends on the amount of rainfall or irrigation the lawn receives after application. Adequate irrigation will activate the fertilizer and start to show visible results in two weeks. Less than adequate irrigation will slow that process.
Mr. Quackers
Mr. Quackers

Why Did Weeds Pop Up After My Spring Lawncare Service?

Round 1 services are designed to be a wake-up call for the lawn, and to control perennial weeds like wild violets and ground ivy. These weeds do not respond to weed control as well in warmer weather. As the soil temperature warms up in the spring, weed seeds begin to germinate. These weeds are likely to appear after your round 1 service. While we can always come out and retreat the weeds, this can cause your Round 2 application to be delayed because of the timing restrictions of the products we use. But your Round 2 Application will treat the entire lawn for weed before they have a chance to produce seeds. This reduces the number of weeds you will see from season to season.

How Long After Treatment Should I Stay Off Of the Lawn?

This can vary based on the conditions at the time of treatment. The best answer is to stay off of the lawn until any liquid products have had time to thoroughly dry. This can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

How Long Should I Wait To Mow/Water My Lawn?

Most weed control products will deliver the best results if you wait 24 hours to mow or water. However, if you give the liquid products time to dry (2-3 hours) you will still see results from these products.

Why Shouldn’t I Seed My Lawn In The Spring?

This question requires two answers. The first answer is that the crabgrass prevention will also prevent new grass seed from germinating. 
The second answer is that newly germinated grass will not mature fast enough to become established before summer stress kills it. Your success rate for a spring seeding is around 20%, whereas a fall seeding will see 80-90% success.

It Rained The Day My Application Was Done. Will It Be Effective?

As long as the liquids have had time to dry, the answer is yes. And the granular fertilizer relies on that irrigation to activate and become usable by the lawn. Our Specialists are constantly watching the weather, and will so their best not to treat a lawn if the rain is going to render it ineffective. 

Will Lawncare Prevent Moles From Damaging My Lawn?

No. Moles feed on insects that are beneficial to the lawn, such as earthworms. The best way to control moles is with mechanical traps and specialized bait products. At this time, we do not offer those services. 

Will I Have A Dedicated Day For Service Each Round?

Unfortunately, no. Because lawncare is so dependent on the weather, it is difficult to promise a dedicated day each round. We will always notify you the day before we come out for service.

Will You Re-Treat The Lawn If Weeds Pop Up Between Services?

Yes. We will gladly do our best to keep you happy and keep your lawn beautiful. But, treating the lawn in between services can cause a delay in your next round due to label restrictions on the weed control products. Sometimes it is just best to wait. If waiting is not an option, we will do our best to reduce the delay in your next service by spot spraying the weeds that can bee seen.
Broad-Leaved Plantain in grassy area
Broad-Leaved Plantain in grassy area

What If I Have Questions In Between Treatments?

You can always call us when you need answers or advice. You can also respond directly to the Round Completed email from your most recent service. This is monitored by our Chemical Operations Manager, and will get a response typically within 24 hours.