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Build Your Pest Control Perimeter

At Green’s Lawncare & Property Services, we offer residents several different fertilizing options that help keep the lawns looking and feeling their best. Fall is one of our busiest seasons as we prepare yards for the colder temperatures, and foster new seed growth. It’s also a great time to build up that pest control perimeter.

Build Your Pest Control Perimeter

Cooler Temperatures Mean More Activity

As the temperatures drop, outdoor pests are going to want warm places to hide. Unfortunately, these places are often inside your home. As a result, you might be finding more mature spiders or even stink bugs invading your home. This isn’t a comforting feeling, especially when you see them in places like your bedroom or kitchen. That’s why building an outdoor pest barrier is crucial. 

Working from the outside, In

Building your pest barrier perimeter starts from the outside. When you participate in any of our lawn fertilization programs, you can also add on our perimeter pest control solution. This is applied during your regular fertilization treatment and helps keep bugs and pests away from your home. Our thinking is that if we keep them from getting in, you won’t need more invasive treatments later. So, we apply a bug barrier three feet up and three feet out from the foundation of your home. This application gives your home a fighting chance from bugs and other insects, especially right before winter.

Schedule Your Fall Lawn Fertilization Treatment Today

It’s time to take advantage of the cooling temperatures. The harshness of the summer heat and sun has likely taken its toll on your lawn, but Green’s Lawncare & Property Services can help restore it. With the right fertilization program, your lawn will be well-fed and nurtured all winter long, popping up bright and green in the spring. So, if you live in Central Indiana and are looking for expert lawn maintenance, aeration, or grub control, give us a call at (317) 748-3153.