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Switching lawn care providers? Must Read Article

Are you looking at switching lawn care providers?  If so, ask these 5 questions.

1) When switching lawn care providers, what do you really value in a new service?

At Green’s Lawncare, we see this all of the time, I even do it myself sometimes… when switching lawn care providers we request quotes from multiple different providers and only compare the cost per application.  Well, that can be very deceiving.  There are too many variables that come into play when switching lawn care providers.  For instance, how many treatments do they offer?  Does Grub Control cost extra…if so how much extra?  When you call in,   does someone actually answer the phone or does it always go to voicemail.  If you have a complaint or issue does it get fully resolved?  These are all questions that you have to ask yourself if you value in a service.  There are many lawn care companies in the area, but the main differentiating factor is customer service and taking care of issues when those arise.  Here at Green’s Lawncare, we pride ourselves on communication, customer service, and setting a high standard on quality work.  We certainly are not perfect, but when we mess something up, we are quick to fix the issue or make it right.

2) Do you believe in their core values? Are you proud to have that company represent you?

Core Values
Core Values are the heart beat of a company. These are Green’s Lawncare’s.

Our Core Values are set in stone.  They are plastered to our walls.  This is who Green’s Lawncare is and what we believe in.  How does your personal values stand up to the values of the organization that you are hiring?  They are an extension of you…  They work on your property so they in a sense represent you.  So the question is… do you feel comfortable with them representing you?  We have a training section on our values and we talk about them on a weekly basis.  We embody them.  Not every company in our area can say the same.  This is the difference between a few dollars per treatment.  You are getting much more than just the chemical that goes on your lawn.

3) When switching lawn care providers, what sets the new company apart? Quality technicians? Training programs?

Our Turf Specialists carry a wide variety of application equipment, and keep them in top notch condition! They show up to each property armed with high quality, industry advanced products aimed at doing the best job at just the right time.

Safety is always a top priority for our Turf Specialists! With any product, there is a question of safety. Lawn chemicals are no different. Some can have mild safety issues when used or stored improperly. Our Turf Specialists are constantly on the lookout for safety hazards, and have the knowledge and equipment to use these chemical products in a safe, responsible manner that protects you and your family, themselves and the environment. 

After our technician pass our in-house Turf Training program, they become graduates of Green’s University.  They are steward of the environment and serve our clients with the highest integrity.  We hear stories all the time of turf applicators at some unnamed companies that show up to a property, click complete on the job and take off to the next house without performing the service.  One great thing about Green’s Lawncare is we have a multitude of systems set up to prevent this from happening, but the number one way is to hire GREAT people from the start.

4) How much are you really paying at end of day? Many different pricing strategies when switching lawn care providers.

This is what it is really all about. Getting the healthiest, best looking lawn possible. Our Licensed Turf Specialists are trained with the latest scientific knowledge and techniques needed to produce top notch results in your lawn. They will be able to diagnose at a glance, most issues in your lawn and determine an immediate course of action to reduce impact and maximize results. Coupled with proper watering and mowing practices, the application your Turf Specialist applies will keep your lawn thick, healthy and beautiful all season long!

Your not only paying for excellent results, but your paying for peace of mind knowing your investment into your property is one worth while.  You know your dollar is feeding a family in our community.

Proper care of the turf takes time. Time that you as the homeowner could be spending with family, working on other projects or catching up on some much needed relaxation!

5) Do you support local? 

This may be a trendy topic but it shouldn’t be.  A famous person once said “Love thy neighbor”  I leave it up to you to look up who said that, but that’s what it’s all about.  Spending money that will go back into your community.  We hire directly from the communities that we service.  That means our technicians are proud of the properties they work on and it boost community pride and the value of your home.  Not only do we hire from within, we choose local vendors as opposed to large national corporations.  Sometimes this costs us a bit more money, but we think it is worth it!

Expert Help!

Here at Green’s Lawncare & Property Services, we love helping our community.  WE love riding our bikes through the neighborhoods on the weekends and seeing your family on the lawn making memories.  That really what its all about.  Taking time out of your day so you have more time to make the memories that count.  Maybe you don’t have a family and you have friends over around a bonfire, a healthy lawn always boost any occasion.  If you are looking for expert lawncare help, feel free to call our office at 317-748-3153 or visit us online at or click HERE to request an estimate.