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3 Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

Busy homeowners have trouble finding time to mow the lawn, let alone taking the time to apply the right fertilizers. This often leads to increased frustration and an endless battle against weeds and grubs. If you’re dreading spring and all the lawn care that comes with it, then you need the professional help of Green’s Lawncare & Property Services. Here is how you can benefit from professional lawn fertilization.

3 Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

1. Weed Control

Professional fertilization gives your lawn all the nutrients it needs to grow thick and strong. With deeper roots and a thicker lawn, you’ll also experience fewer weeds. Additionally, proper application of the right fertilizer protects your lawn from pre-emergent germination and kills weeds that have already taken hold. This further allows your turf to take hold and grow strong and healthy. 

2. Soil Protection

A lush green lawn starts with having the right pH balance and nutrients in the soil. With a professional lawn care service at your disposal, you can rest assured that your lawn’s soil will be well-maintained and cared for. Your grass is constantly pulling nutrients from the soil, so fertilizing it regularly replenishes these essential minerals, including nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. 

3. Resistant to Pest Damage

When your lawn is strong and healthy, the blades and roots are more resistant to pests like grubs, beetles, and other grass-eating insects. Central Indiana is notorious for lawn-destroying pests, and leaving them untreated can be more costly than treating them. Fertilizing your lawn regularly allows blades to grow back quickly after being eaten. 

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