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3 Benefits of Fall Fertilization

Toward the end of summer, drought-like conditions can take a toll on your lawn. With very little rain and a lot of heat, it’s likely your lawn looks more like a dull, dry speck of land rather than a luscious green landscape. Green’s Lawncare & Property Servicesfertilization program can easily help you restore your lawn as the weather cools. Not only is our program beneficial in the spring, but it’s also perfect for the fall, and here’s why.

3 Benefits of Fall Fertilization

1. Rejuvenated Grass

After months of heat and heavy foot traffic, it’s no surprise that your lawn looks defeated. However, with an application of fertilizer, you give your grass a chance to bounce back before the winter months approach. Additionally, grass that’s well-fed and supported bounces back more quickly and is more weed- and pest-resistant. 

2. Give Roots a Pre-Winter Boost

Blades of grass tend to get hungry toward the end of the growing season. With fall fertilization, you give roots the additional nutrients they’ve been missing for a month or more. Furthermore, roots that are supported with nutrients grow deeper into the soil, making your lawn healthy and strong. This gives your grass a much-needed winter boost. 

3. Green Spring Lawn

While applying fertilizer in the spring is essential, so is a fall application. By applying fertilizer in the fall, you give your lawn an added boost of nutrients it can store during the winter. This means that once the spring rains arrive, there are plenty of nutrients to unlock, giving your yard a jump start compared to your neighbors. You’ll be left with a healthy, green lawn before anyone else. 

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