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Aeration is an important step in maintaining a healthy lawn because it allows moisture, air, and nutrients to more thoroughly reach the roots of the grass. Homeowners barely have the time to mow a lawn, let alone keep it as healthy as it can be. Blue Duck Lawn Care can take care of this crucial task for you. If you live in north side of Indianapolis and nearby areas, request an estimate by calling (317) 748-3153.

Does My Lawn Need Aerated?

The aeration process involves perforating the soil with a tool that creates small holes in the ground, allowing for a certain amount of over-seeding. How do you know if you need to aerate your lawn? Here are a few things to consider:

  • If your yard is the neighborhood hangout area with lots of activity, then aeration can help break up compacted soil.
  • If you have thick thatch, aeration can be a practical solution.
  • If your lawn was added as part of a new-home build, it may be suffering from heavy compaction and in need of this service.
  • If your lawn’s root system is thin or shallow, aeration can add complexity.
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Benefits of Professional Lawn Aeration

Aeration needs to be completed by a professional who understands exactly how this process works. It can be difficult to know when it’s best to aerate one’s lawn. There are specific conditions when aeration is necessary, and if not completed correctly, it can cause even more damage to your property. Our expert team performs each of these tasks while aerating our customer’s lawns:

  • Analyze lawn conditions to apply the proper amount of over-seeding.
  • Avoid buried cable lines, sprinkler systems, and invisible dog fences.

Wouldn’t you like to avoid the hassle of purchasing an aeration machine and locating buried cables, all while keeping your lawn healthy? Request an estimate by calling Blue Duck at (317) 748-3153. We serve customers in Fishers, Westfield, and many north side Indianapolis areas that include Broad Ripple, Rocky Ripple, Meridian Hills, Meridian-Kessler, and Warfleigh.

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