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3 Benefits of Liquid Aeration

Aeration is the process of boring holes in your lawn to help water, oxygen, and fertilizer penetrate the ground. This process is a great way to promote a healthy lawn that will be green all year long. However, leaving small clumps of dirt scattered across the lawn isn’t an ideal look for some homeowners. Because of this, many are starting to ask us at Green’s Lawncare & Property Services about liquid aeration. Here are several benefits you might enjoy using this method.

3 Benefits of Liquid Aeration

1. Easier & Quicker

Liquid aeration uses an active ingredient called ammonium lauryl sulfate, which breaks down the compacted areas of soil. Because this is a liquid application, you can use a sprayer or a hose pump application rather than pushing around a machine. This means you can easily aerate your lawn in minutes. The faster those dirt clumps break up, the faster and easier your fertilizer application will work.

2. Covers More Surface Area

Liquid aeration allows you to cover more areas of your lawn in one smooth motion. So, you can rest easy knowing that your entire lawn is covered by using a liquid application. In contrast, with a mechanical aeration method, you have to reach every square inch of your lawn for the aeration to be effective.

3. Goes Deeper

Pulling up those little plugs in your lawn means you can only go so deep. When you choose the liquid option, your aeration efforts go much deeper than the surface. Liquid aeration also means you won’t have those dirt plugs scattered across the lawn, nor do you run the risk of damaging any sprinkler lines or cable lines that are underground.

Turn to the Aeration Experts

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